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These are the top complaints about living in China:

– Pollution

– Food safety

– Terrifying clowns


This was the actual entertainment at a children’s party being held in the lobby of some hotel where a friend was staying.

The Mandarin for clown is Xiao Chou (小丑), which translated directly into English means “small ugly”.

I asked my language teacher about the clowns, and why they are so scary in China, and she just shrugged and said “oh you know, if a child is being naughty the mother might say ‘you better behave or the clowns will get you!”

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This is from my Mandarin text book, if you filled in the blanks the rough translation is… Clown: “Please you, come here” Adult to kid: “I politely suggest you go there.”

I googled “clowns in China”. China claims to have pretty much invented clowns, with a clown called YuSze who was around about 4000 years ago in the court of Emperor Shih Huang-ti Chiiu.

Of course, the Egyptians claim they had the first clown, some guy who was around 4500 years ago. China and Egypt are in a long-running battle about who invented stuff first, so I take both claims with a grain of salt.


Go to any mall in China and there will be a scary clown making terrifyingly mangled balloon animals. A flower delivery service in Beijing’s Gulou area is called Clown Fresh Flowers, and you can get flowers delivered by a (creepy looking) clown. The location of Clown Fresh Flowers means it’s not uncommon to see their workers wandering through the hutong, eating noodles, having a post work beer, all dressed as sad, flower delivering clowns.


The shopfront of Clown Fresh Flowers.





I recently read that France had a problem with teenagers dressing up as scary clowns and creating havoc and scaring people – they should move to China, they would be gainfully employed in no time!



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